Talent Grants

    The countdown to the next round of Pebble Trust Talent Grants has begun. Talent Grants are given out twice a year in January and June. The next deadline is Friday 10th June, 2016.

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  • If you would like to apply, please go to the Talent Grants page and see what you need to do. You need to get your application in before the countdown gets to zero!

Online Application for Local Organisations

The Pebble Trust is a charitable organisation which seeks to improve quality of life for residents of Brighton and Hove. We particularly invite applications for funding from local organisations involved in community work, education, care and the arts.

Donations are generally in the region of £500 to £5,000 although, occasionally,  larger donations may be considered.  A detailed breakdown of how any money would be spent is extremely helpful.  It is important to demonstrate in your application that the money you are applying for would have a direct and positive impact on people living in Brighton and Hove.

Once we have received your completed application form we will email you requesting a copy of your organisation’s most recent accounts and your organisation’s constitution (if you are not a registered charity). You may also provide any other information you would like us to review (testimonials, references, marketing materials etc).  We do not give funding to businesses or for-profit organisations.

Your application will be considered at the next meeting of trustees and you will be informed as to the result by email.  The next deadline for application is Friday 26th May 2017.  Donations to successful applicants can be paid by cheque or via BACS transfer.

We reserve the right to decline applications without giving any reason. While the Pebble Trust will treat information provided as strictly confidential, no responsibility is accepted in this regard.

Information about you
Your name:
Phone number:
Email address:
Information about your organisation
1.1. Name and registered address of organisation:
1.2. Legal Status (including registered charity/company number if applicable):
1.3. Details of contact person (if different from above):
1.4. Brief description of your organisation, its aims and activities:
1.5. What success have you had in raising funding from other sources?
Information about the people you serve
2.1. Client profile:
2.2. Numbers of people using your services:
2.3. How is your organisation particularly suited to working with this client group?
Information about your application
3.1. How much money would you like to apply for?
3.2. How would this money be spent?
3.3. Is there any particular date, before which the funding is required? Please explain.
3.4. Why does this money need to come from charitable (as opposed to state or other) funds?
3.5. If successful, how would you demonstrate to the Pebble Trust that any donation has been well-spent?