Talent Grants

    The countdown to the next round of Pebble Trust Talent Grants has begun. Talent Grants are given out twice a year in January and June. The next deadline is Friday 10th June, 2016.

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  • If you would like to apply, please go to the Talent Grants page and see what you need to do. You need to get your application in before the countdown gets to zero!

Talent Grants

The Pebble Trust welcomes applications for grants of up to £500 from local young people who have a real talent and want to develop it.  Grants can be used to pay for lessons, the cost of attending events or auditions, materials, equipment or whatever else is needed for a talent to flourish. Applicants must live in Brighton and Hove and be nineteen years of age or younger at the time of application.

Each application must be accompanied by a supporting statement from a teacher or mentor.  (NB – we prefer the supporting statement to come from an individual who does not stand to gain financially from an applicant’s award.)  We’ll ask you about your talent, your achievements to date, why you need the award and exactly how you would use the money.  Money cannot be sent directly to an applicant – a cheque is usually forwarded to a school, college or other organisation to be held in account for the applicant’s use.  Prior to sending in your application form, please check with the relevant finance department that they would be willing to administer the funds.

When deciding which applicants are to be successful, the trustees look first and foremost for outstanding talent.  Dedication, potential, financial/personal circumstances and overall quality of application are also very much taken into account.  Applicants already in receipt of some form of funding (grants, awards, school scholarships and bursaries) may be less likely than others to receive grants.

Successful applicants may reapply for further grants up to a maximum of one grant per year.  In the case of repeat applications, preference will be given to grant recipients who have kept The Pebble Trust regularly updated with their news and progress, and who have helped promote the trust to others.

All applications will be treated as confidential and no publicity will be given to an award or to a successful applicant’s subsequent progress without the consent of the applicant and, where applicable,  their parent(s).

We reserve the right to decline applications without giving any reason.

Grants are given out in June and January.  The next deadline is Friday 16th June 2017.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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