WE ARE PROUD SUPPORTERS OF BRIGHTON FRINGE and have been the principal charitable funder since 2011. In addition to our core support, we ALSO offer awards and touring bursaries.


Brighton Fringe banner photo by James Ratchford

The Pebble Trust Brighton Fringe Awards

Each winter we offer awards to young people who plan to put on an event at Brighton Fringe the following May. The event could be in any category including theatre, literature, visual arts, comedy, dance, cabaret, film or music. The awards are intended for artists at the beginning of their careers and applicants must be aged 25 or younger, live in Brighton and Hove and be bringing an event to the Fringe for the first time.

A panel of expert judges pick the winners who each receive £300 towards production costs. This money could be used for venue or equipment hire, marketing, props, tech support etc.

Award winners receive £300 plus:

  • Up to three professional mentoring sessions with our judges. These sessions, which take place between January and May, have proved invaluable to previous award winners in the run-up to the Fringe.

  • Brighton Fringe registration fees paid by The Pebble Trust. Once registered, the winners are part of the biggest arts festival in England and can access all the benefits offered by Brighton Fringe Participant Services.


THE Pebble Trust Brighton Fringe  AWARD WINNERS 2019

Coming Home With Me.jpg

Maddie Ross with ‘Coming Home With Me

“A night exploring the grimy underbelly of a girls’ night out. The perils of creepy dudes, lad culture, and general unwanted attention face almost every girl when partying, so why aren’t we talking about it?

Using verbatim testimony and drawing from real news stories, we explore how this affects us all. The subject matter is dark and deeply human, but is tackled in an entertaining and hopeful way.”

Maddie and her company, Girl Code, will be presenting their event at Sweetwerks 2.

Forgotten Dialogue 2.jpg

Millie Wood-Downie with ‘Forgotten Dialogue’

"A piece of experimental physical theatre exploring real words and their relationship to the space. How far can we say that our words are our own...

Centered on the safety of confinement, and inspired by the anonymity an individual has within a public toilet cubicle, Forgotten Dialogue explores how words can find freedom within four walls, but what happens when we leave our words behind. “

Millie and her company, Penultimate, will be presenting their event at One Church Brighton.


The Brighton Fringe International Touring Bursary in association with The Pebble Trust


This year's Outgoing bursary winner is  All I See is You  by Brighton writer, Kathrine Smith..

This year's Outgoing bursary winner is All I See is You by Brighton writer, Kathrine Smith..


The outgoing touring bursary enables the winner to tour their Fringe event to one or more international Fringe festivals. Up to £2,500 is available to be put towards travel, accommodation and other related costs. Judges from The Pebble Trust and the World Fringe Alliance select the winning show, which is announced at the Awards Ceremony held on the final Sunday of Brighton Fringe. Entrants must be from Sussex.

2019’s winner is Brighton writer Kathrine Smith with her event All I See is You. Set in the north of England the year before decriminalisation, the play tells the moving and sometimes harrowing story of Ralph and Bobby. The judges were impressed with the quality of both writing and acting.

Applications are made via the Brighton Fringe website.




In addition to the outgoing touring bursary, The Pebble Trust offers up to £2,500 for an award winner from an international Fringe to bring their event to Brighton. The winner for 2019 is ‘Sullied’ by Kristi-Leigh Gresse.

"What do we do in a world where human tolerance and experience is so conditioned to endure abuse, suffering and pain. Using dance and spoken word this piece dives deep into the world of rape culture, sexuality, gender identity, race polarisation and religion. Sullied challenges us to deconstruct the politics around our bodies and interrogates the effects that patriarchal ideologies, rape and misogyny has on the human psyche."

Gold Ovation Award winner at the National Arts Festival South Africa 2018.

‘Sullied’ will be performed at The Spire. 

This year’s winners of the incoming touring bursary is Kristi-Leigh Gresse with ‘Sullied’. Photo: Jerome Stoffels

This year’s winners of the incoming touring bursary is Kristi-Leigh Gresse with ‘Sullied’. Photo: Jerome Stoffels