THE Pebble Trust Brighton Fringe  AWARD WINNERS 2017

Yvette Saunders and Happenings Theatre Company with 10 Steps to Happiness.

We’re born, we go to nursery, school, college, sometimes university. We're taught to work, not how to be happy. I work hard and drink away the weekends wondering - what’s the missing ingredient to happiness? A better job? A boyfriend? A holiday? Failing that I decided to search the internet: How to be happy? Easy! Follow these 10 steps to a happier life starting today. First step, figure out what is wrong ... Oh, errm ... An innovative, honest, touching, comedic solo show about life, love and happiness. Come and join me in my world.

Sofia Rendall with Fragments from your Workplace.

A cast of Sussex University students brings you a brand new satirical piece in several parts that each parody business culture and its various inadequacies. Watch as an array of awkward characters negotiate their oppressive working environments in a darkly comic play that rises in absurdity and poignancy. This is sure to be the show that launches your career!

"An absolutely hilarious play." — The Badger

Kids with Beards with Fandango.

The beardy babes are back, baby! Atop broomstick horses we ride, offering up unto you 'Fandango!' - an hour of surreal, stupid, knee-slappin' sketches that'll make you scream "Yeehahaha!" (sorry). Rhinestones. Accents. Vague stereotypes. Cacti. Grunting. That Steps song that should never have been made. It's gonna be a reeeal Fandango alright.

**** "Side-splittingly funny ... a wacky, random and irreverent show that will not fail to surprise and amuse". — Broadway Baby

"The writing is particularly worthy of mention... strong, surreal, and silly in a good way". — ThreeWeeks.